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  1. Matt says:

    I wrote a bit of a diary/review of my morning in Holmfirth on 2nd Oct 2016, I hope its ok to share with you.

    Last of the Summer was my second Triathlon.

    It was a cold start to the day, I wore a fleece as I waited to register and was wondering if I should have worn thermals under my tracksuit rather than a Tri Suit! Staff were friendly and helpful and check in was quickly followed by the Race Brief. As I returned to my car I glanced around the car park. There were some very professional looking competitors, unloading some very high tech Tri/TT bikes, certainly putting my ‘Cycle to work scheme’ Cannondale into perspective. Before long I was waiting in the pool area. Most people I was queuing with said they had swim times of 20-30 minutes, which I found reassuring. However, the support from the spectators must have benefited them with some of them exiting the water in under 10 mins. I found the pool swim harder than my previous open water swim, with the water very choppy, I stuggled a bit to be honest and never really settled into my stroke. By the time I exited I knew hydration wasn’t going to be a problem, as I had swallowed a percentage of the pool contents.

    As I made my way into transition, the sun made a welcome break through the Autumn clouds, however my spirits weren’t lifted for long, as I approached my transition station stood on my sunglasses, breaking one of the arms, off, on the bike by lap two I had got into my stride and settled in, by lap three I was feeling it in my legs, I had a good transition and glugged a couple of energy gels, the sun was out now, but there was still a chill in the morning air, so I left my cycling shirt on, besides my tri suit gave me the appearance of a out of condition 1970’s wrestler and the good people of Holmfirth didn’t deserve an early morning viewing of that. The gels did their job and the tiredness in my legs subsided as I settled into a steady stride. The views over the Calder Valley were breathtaking as I followed the very well signposted directions, by now I was waiting for the ‘1 k to go’ sign we had been told about during the briefing and it felt conspicuous by its absence, was it 5.7 miles or Km’s,?? the mind plays tricks when one is fatigued! As i entered a steady decent, there it was, like a beacon of hope, a left turn back into the sports center area was met with cheers and clapping of very polite spectators and marshalls and through the finishing line I went.
    A thoroughly enjoyable morning alongside friendly and supportive competitors,marshalls and volunteers. A fellow competitor searched me out as I walked back to transition to collect my bike and personally thanked me for the encouragement I had give them on the way round, which was a nice end to the event and typical of the spirit in which it was undertaken.

    I will definatley return next year and I have also set myself a target to get up to the Olypic distance for Cardiff in June 2017, its quite addictive this Triathlon milachy!

  2. NIck Hannah says:

    1st time doing Holmfirth, loved the bike course, marshalls were brilliant throughout the day, only improvement would be better organisation on the swim. I was on poolside early waiting to be called (I was no 18) and once I did get called, I walked straight to the lane counter to give my name & get my cap and then turned to be given 2 second warning if that to start, I wasn’t even in the pool or with goggles on.

    Also my age category isn’t what I expected, BTF rules suggest its your age on Dec 31st 2014. I only mention because I’ll be 40 in Oct and my result would go from being 9th in the 30’s cat to 3rd in the 40’s cat.

  3. Dinah Coggon says:

    My second ever triathlon and I loved it! Well organised and great marshalls I will be back! Thank you!

  4. Tim O'Sullivan says:

    4th time today for me & a third PB. Great event, as ever. Thanks to all the marshalls and volunteers!

  5. david heathcote says:

    Another well organised event by yourselves, really good atmosphere around the transition area and finish line. Big thankyou too all the volunteers (the bacon butties were excellent!)

    See you again in april

    All the gang at high peak tri club

  6. Sean Newby says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again to all the marshalls and organisers for this superb event. Pretty much flawless. Very friendly, non intimidating atmosphere and very well organised. Loads of encouragement throughout the course. My only slight criticism was that I couldn’t really hear the race brief because of the music as I was stood at the back. (Nice tunes though!).

    • Sean Newby says:

      Forgot to say, particularly liked the t-shirt as it is one I can actually use for training as opposed to sleeping in which is what my other event T’s end up being used for.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Sean, the music will be gone from the door next time or we will do the brief outside. Thanks for the comments.

  7. Jael Williams says:

    Thanks for the event. Is there a contact number I can call you on regarding swim times?

  8. Dinah Coggon says:

    Very well organised and as it was my first triathlon made to feel very welcome and lots of support given. Thank you so much!!

  9. Nick Thatcher says:

    Apart from what I said about how well it was organised and everything, I meant to say the T shirts are fantastic this year – much better than the cotton and I use mine a lot for training, especially in the darker evenings.

  10. Joanne says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to thank you for getting me into the race today. Once I’d survived my swim I had a great time out there and am now looking forward to “First of the Summer Tri.”

    Everyone was really friendly and helpful which was so reassuring for a first timer like me and the routes were clearly marked and well marshalled. I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to enter. Smiling face with smiling eyes

    Thanks again,


  11. Nigel says:

    Hi – Great event , very friendly & well marshaled – thanks very much to all who made it happen. Were there any photos taken (like Flaming Photography?)

  12. Richard Senior says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again to all the marshalls and organisers for another superb April 2013 event. Loads of encouragement throughout the course and a really friendly atmosphere. Rich Senior (119)

  13. David Webster says:


    Another great event on Sunday, but I forgot to get my bacon butty. I’ll either have two next year or you could post it…

    Rather than focus on cars/traffic could you just go out and flattten off some of the hills?

    On to the next…

    David Webster

  14. Garreth Humphries says:

    Just a quick note from me to say thanks for running a great event, first time I’ve done it.

    Well organised and marshalled.

    Just a couple of comments from me – these are meant to be constructive and in no way a criticism of the event !

    I was off early so didn’t get too affected by the parking / traffic but it did look like carnage later on at the entrance to the baths. As a Holmfirth resident I am a bit embarrassed that the locals can’t be a bit more considerate with regards to parking and driving when its obvious an event is taking place (it’s only two a year !!). Maybe more could be done to publicise the event beforehand – putting some signs up the week before for example. Also the pool could do with letting people know in advance that they’re in effect shut that day. Loads of people were trying to get in to go swimming etc which seemed to add to the volume of traffic.

    With regards to the bike route would it be possible to make the laps longer so that fewer need to be completed ? The tricky parts of the route in my opinion are the section through Holmfirth and the fast descent into Brockholes. Would it not be possible to extend the route to Honley or even Huddersfield to cut down the number of laps ? I appreciate that traffic lights cause problems with the timings (marshalls required etc) but maybe a suitable route is possible ?

    Anyway great event, roll on next April !

    No 28

  15. Tony Rich says:

    Hiya chaps,
    My first tri, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Having taken part in other events (running mainly), I found this event to have a more personal touch, which really helped, given my lack of knowledge/experience in triathlon events. I now have a base time to build on and will look forward to the next one. Many thanks .
    to all the volunteers, marshalls and organisers. Kindest regards. Tony Rich. Warrington

  16. Nick Philbin says:

    Hi All

    Thanks for putting on a great event yesterday, really enjoyed it and the free bacon butties and brew were a nice touch.

    Two small points that I think could make things better were:

    1. The briefings were only every hour and as one of us was going off at 9.33, and the other 9.45, we had to be there for 8.30. If we have to attend one (didn’t learn anything more than I’d already read from the team brief) could they be every half hour.

    2. It would be great if you could tell us our times while we are there. I appreciate that’s probably extra equipment and cost, and what I would say is, the entrance price is excellent value.

    One last point can the lady who I tried to help put her chain back on, at the top of Smithy Place Lane, please step forward so I can claim at least 2mins of my time and beat my cousin in the process!

    Thanks again
    Nick (No109)

  17. Paul Stubbs-Jefferies says:

    What can I say ! Cool t- shirt ! Top goodie bag! Tasty bacon butty! Oh! Yeah! And a fantastic run event on a tough course . Brilliant value for money day out thanks a million!

  18. Jonesy says:

    My First Triathlon

    This is my first hand account of my very first triathlon, Last of the Summer Tri, Holmfirth, 7th October 2012.

    My day started at 7am getting the gear loaded in the car ready to Pick Ian up, my training partner for the last 12 weeks or so and another triathlon virgin. In the car it’s showing 4ºc outside! Glad I had thermals, hat and gloves on then.

    Once down at the Holmfirth Pool around 7.30am, we quickly registered and got the bikes racked in transition and sorted out our gear. The sun might have risen just after 7am in the UK but at the Holmfirth Pool, being in the bottom of the Holme Valley, it was still very cold and the sun didn’t come out until our swim start times at 9am.

    Whilst pacing up and down, chatting with Dave and Ian the organisers, the guys at Podium Sport and NRG stands, we went over what to do, what not to do. Transition was filling up nicely and the first waves of swimmers were away at 8am. Still no sunshine.

    More pacing. More worrying about transition times. Socks or no socks? Do we wear gloves? Add another top? Bear in mind it’s still 4ºc and we’ve got our spanking new tri-suits on underneath fleeces wondering whether to man-up or go safe and wear some extra gear.

    Swim start time is rapidly approaching and we strip down to just tri-suits. Ian commenting on our Mexican wrestling style big-daddy “leotards” making us look daft, me saying MTFU let’s go!! So off we went bare foot through the car park with wolf whistles from Rachel at the NRG stand. She obviously needs to go to Specsavers poor girl.

    Into the welcoming warmth of the Holmfirth Pool reception and I’m in the next wave at 8.59 and Ian at 9.02. Thinking we’ve still got 5 spare minutes to go over a race plan one more time, in comes the pool ref and I’m frog marched to the deep end. Seems like Dave’s watch was fast at the start of the pool times so everyone is late. OK so no more thinking about the race. Just do it. Goggles on, black condom on head and into the pool, ready for the whistle. ‘Phweeeeeeee’ – Start stop watch….

    I’ll spare the details on my pathetic swim, but I managed a sub 10 mins against my 12 target. OK so far so good. Out of the warm pool into the car park on the carpet to transition. Wow, still cold then outside. Into transition and that’s were I went to pot. Dizzy. Cold. Disorientated. The lot. OK. Stand on towel to dry feet. Rip a gel open and gulp it down. Put socks on. Put shoes on. Put helmet on. Number belt on. Put sunglasses on. Can’t see a thing. Push bike out of transition. Swim+T1 I now found out was 13.07 – over 3 minutes in transition! Come on Jones, let’s get a move on.

    Onto the bike was better. Up Bridge Lane OK and getting up the cadence nicely as we level out before going downhill to Newmill. Still really cold. Hands and arms starting to go numb. Down to Brockholes and someone’s down. Ambulance lights flashing. Slow down, through the gears and wait to be waved through. Hope they’re OK whoever it was. Up Smithy Lane, pass a few milkers and up to Woodhead Road. Through lap 2 same again, pumping the legs hard and warming up a tad. Lap 3 and the tri-suit has dried and I was back to somewhere warm and the sun was breaking through the trees on route. Turning out to be a nice day for once.

    Into transition this time I couldn’t fasten my shoe laces my hands were so cold. And Yes, yes, elastic laces from Steve at Podium Sport were there to be had (already spent enough with you mate!!). Next time. OK so out we go for the run…

    OMG… I was so stiff from the cold and the lack of brick training (obvious now) that I had to take little ballerina steps to get my legs to work. All the way up Bridge Lane then onto Station Road it took me at least 2km to run properly and warm up, but after that the run was OK. Going up Stony Bank towards the High School playing fields wasn’t fun but after that, the 1km to go sign was welcome at Thongsbridge. Onto the main road and we’re soon home dry with lots of cheers from supporters on the road and on the playing fields and the finish line. We’re done. Into transition and a celebratory drink and banana. First triathlon done. Aching like mad but happy to have finished!

    A quick look at the watch to check time and… It’s stopped. Must have caught it. Damn!
    OK I was hoping for a sub 1.45 – now checked with the results and glad to report a 1.40.48 – Well chuffed! Just need to get those transitions sorted and we’ve got a target for next year!

    I’ve marshalled the tri both times before and I’m glad I accepted Dave and Ian’s jibes about competing this time – Thanks to you both. And to everyone I’ve met in swim training at the pool for your support and words of encouragement. There’s a good crew down there and a lot of camaraderie.

    So, overall I’ve really enjoyed my first triathlon and the people I’ve met. Well done to everyone for taking part and to Dave and Ian and the army of volunteers for making my first triathlon a great one!

    And finally, all I’ve got to do now is get training for the First of the Summer Tri in April next year, because I’m now hooked and officially a Triathlete!

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